Research Projects   

 Title: Using geothermal energy in the area of "KHOOY" and "BOOSHLY."



Organisation: Renewable Energy Organization of Iran


Duration: From 21 – August – 2010 To 06 – March – 2011



"KHOOY" and "BOOSHLY" are located in the northwest of Iran. Regarding studies done on the potential of using geothermal energy in this area. The goals of this project were first, to use Magneto Telluric Method (MT) in doing the geophysical operation in the geothermal zone of 70 defined stations. Second, to do geothermal researchers at a depth of 600 meters from the Earth’s surface Third, to do research on establishing electrical power plant to use geothermal energy and finally, to determine the physical and chemical properties of local hot springs


Outcomes and Benefits:

  • Updating topographical plans of the area;

  • Measuring temperature in different layers of the earth of 600 meters depth; and

  • Making the proposal of establishing electrical power plant in that area.