Research Projects   

 Title: Designing a System for Water and Energy Recycling in the Tile Factories



Organisation: NAEEN Tile Factory


Duration: From 22 – July – 2008 To 21 – April – 2009



Since tile factories consume a significant amount of water to produce tiles and because most facilities in Iran are built in hot, dry regions, they usually suffer from water insufficiency especially in hot seasons of the year. Therefore, the goal of this project was to recycle water through cooling the water steam goes out from spray drier and taking it back to the process of production.


Outcomes and Benefits:

  • Recycling of about 200 cubic meter water in each working shift of the factory;

  • Preheating the feed water of factory boilers using recycling the heat of steam;

  • Increasing the factory efficiency of about 5%;

  • Increasing the production especially in hot seasons of the year; and

  • Designing and presenting a simple method for steam recycling in most tile factories.