Research Period (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 2015

Ali Soofastaei is currently a Data Analyst at VALE. He uses new models based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to increase productivity, energy efficiency and reduce the total costs of mining operations.


Dr Soofastaei holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has an in-depth understanding of Energy Management (EM) and Equipment Maintenance Solutions (EMS). The extensive research he conducted on AI and Value Engineering (VE) methods while completing his Master of Engineering also led him to acquire considerable expertise in EM and EMS. As a PhD Scholar and Teaching Assistant (TA) at the University of Queensland, he provided practical guidance to undergraduate and postgraduate students in mechanical and mining engineering for five years.

In the past 12 years, Dr Soofastaei has conducted a variety of research studies in academic and industrial environments. He has acquired an in-depth knowledge of Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO), VE and data analysis. He is also proficient at using AI methods in data analysis to optimise the number of effective parameters in energy consumption in mining operations.

Ali has been working in the oil, gas and mining industries for ten years and has seven years’ academic experience as a tutor and lecturer.


His previous experience in oil and gas industry provided him with strong knowledge, and a background in EM and EMS also enabled him to strengthen his ability to work in technical and multi-disciplinary teams.


As a member of some research groups, Dr Soofastaei has been actively involved in site inspections, problem identification and brainstorming sessions with colleagues in the areas of automation (e.g., electrical engineers and computer scientists), maintenance (e.g., mechanical and electrical engineers) and production (i.e., metallurgists).


Ali has completed many research projects and published their results in a lot of journal and conference papers. He also has developed three patents and three software packages.