Edson Antonio

Global Artificial Intelligence Manager at Vale | Speaker

I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Ali Soofastaei over the last 2 years and it was a learning period for me. Ali is fully engaged in delivering nothing but the best for every product he is working at. A good example of this commitment was the Energy Efficiency program we started for a corridor of mines in the Brazilian South and Southeast regions. Ali provided guidance from the initial definitions to the roadmap phase and today this project become a successful program across the world. Ali is very kind and it is easy to deal with him. He has a talent to build relationships

Jessica Prata

Engineer at Vale

I worked with Ali on some Artificial Intelligence projects involving diesel engines and other engineering issues. Ali always acted with a lot of availability, assertiveness in his indications, and willingness to listen and also learn. Having Ali on the team is very relevant and contributes significantly to deliveries and decision making.

Lirielly Vitorugo

Data Scientist | Artificial Intelligence | Engineer | Optimization

I have been working with Ali in the Artificial Intelligence Center at Vale. During this time, I could perceive some of his skills, like how he tries to understand deeply Vale’s supply chain with a vision towards improving the process. He is also intelligent, he has great communication skills, he can deal with problems in different situations and prospects and he is always available to help the team when requested. With all that said, I really like to work with Ali, I have been learning a lot with him and I hope we continue working together.

Daniel C. Weiss

Head of Shipping Strategy & Freight Derivatives at Vale

I have been working with Ali for ~2 years now and am impressed by his technical skills, eagerness to learn and his transparent and very direct (yet kind) communication style. It has been a very fruitful partnership for us (clients) and I hope it will continue for quite some time. Thanks, Ali!

Mehmet Kizil

Associate Professor in Mining at The University of Queensland

“I have been involved in the supervision of more than 25 RHD students one of whom was Dr. Ali Soofastaei. I can honestly say that Ali was one of the top students. He is a very hard-working, very efficient and enthusiastic researcher. He has a great personality, creating a very positive atmosphere where he works and is academically outstanding. I used to call him a paper publishing machine, every supervisor's dream student. Wishing him good luck and all the best for his future career.”


Jeremy Davies

Director at ALI4Business

“Dr. Ali Soofastaei is a highly skilled scientist and engineer, with experience in Oil & Gas and Mining sectors and deep expertise in the simulation and analysis of complex systems and processes. We worked together in the mining industry over the last 12 mths during which time Ali undertook an analysis of truck, shovel, and mining operating and maintenance activities for coal mines. His work focused on identifying production throughput and cost reduction opportunities. Ali developed novel, leading-edge analytical tools, validated with data from operating mines, presented in a practical, systemized way. His work is thorough, accurate, innovative, and supported by his engineering experience and pragmatic approach to solving real problems. Ali is a very well organized individual, easy to work with and I have no hesitation in highly recommending him to colleagues.”


Zhongwei Chen

Senior Lecturer at The University of Queensland

“Ali is driven and motivated in his work. Always maintain a positive attitude to research projects. Ali always comes early and is very conscientious of timelines and resources. The most outstanding characteristic of what I have seen is his attitude towards continuous improvement. Keep it up!”


Eddie Prochon

Mining3 - Project Leader - Drilling Technologies

“Ali and I regularly engage in reporting meetings for the Mine Production and Performance Optimisation program at Mining3. What stands out the most is Ali's passion for his work as well as his high level of professionalism, and attention to detail. Ali is highly regarding by Mining3 executive staff and is a valuable asset at Mining3.”


Mohamad Khajekhabaz

Mechanical Engineering Master Student at Islamic Azad University

“I have great pleasure in introducing Dr. Soofastaei as one of my great masters in during life. I have found him to be a hard-working, intelligent, and creative person. Also, he has excellent ability, talent, and perseverance in educational, research, and leading activities. Ali is an asset to any organization he is a part of. I am so proud to give my highest possible recommendation for any responsibility that it may concern.”


Elnaz karimpour

Electrical Engineer (Mechatronics and Automation Control)

“I am writing this note to give my highest possible recommendation for Dr. Ali Soofastaei I found him to be uniquely capable of capturing my attention. I worked under his supervision in the mining3 during which time Ali undertook the analysis of truck, shovel, and mining operating and maintenance activities for coal mines. Dr. Ali Soofastaei is a highly skilled scientist and engineer, with experience in the Oil & Gas and Mining sectors. I would be hard-pressed to find someone more organized and passionate about his work. His technical skills are admirable, and his project management and communication skills are astonishing. I strongly recommend him for any challenging job demanding strategic thinking, smart solution development, and communication skills.”


Eve (Ivana) McDonald

EMESRT Coordinator and Mining3 Web Administrator

“Ali is very passionate about his work and is extremely dedicated to the task at hand. It is a pleasure to work with Ali as his positiveness rubs on to others around him. Ali would be an asset to any organization. Keep up the great work Ali.”


Luke Adair

Mechanical Engineer at Aurecon

“Few mentors approach their work with the passion and enthusiasm that Ali displays. I had the pleasure of working with Ali on a research project at the University of Queensland and is especially impressed with his attention to detail and his passion for Mining Research. It would be a pleasure to work with him again, as he is an outstanding mentor and teacher. Ali is an asset to any organization he is a part of, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”


Ray Parkin

Mining Engineer

“Ali is a very detailed orientated professional, and I am very happy to recommend him to anyone desirous of his services.”


Matthew De Francia

Graduate Mining Engineer

“Ali is an impressive engineer who is committed to producing results. During my time under him as a research assistant, he showcased an exceptional dedication and cared for his work. He is thorough with his calculations and writing which is demonstrated in the quality of his research. When faced with a challenge at work, Ali will commit 100 % to overcome it. This reveals his strong sense of responsibility and passion for his work. Moreover, it is for these reasons that I recommend Ali Soofastaei.”


Amin Kamyar

Mechanical Engineer at RPMGlobal

“I had the opportunity to know Ali when I started my Ph.D. in the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering in 2015. His teamwork, organizational skills, and professionalism seemed quite intriguing to me from the beginning. Due to his outstanding managerial skills and academic competence, he has been able to collaborate successfully in various projects. I have also observed his effective supervision and mentoring for undergraduate and his peer postgraduate students. All in all, I would say he is a committed and inspiring member and a valuable asset to any organization.”


Maddox Mawondo

Graduate Underground Geotechnical Engineer at Anglo American

“Ali is one of the best engineers around. He has a way of understanding complicated problems and coming up with simple solutions to the problems. As a Mine Ventilation tutor, he simplified teaching and was always available and happy to provide further assistance. He is committed to his work and shows professionalism in his work. Ali has much respect for students, fellow professionals and people around him. One of the best kind-hearted human beings around.”


Aram "Cindy" Hong

Mining Engineer at BHP

“Dr. Ali Soofastaei is a very dedicated teacher at the University of Queensland. He has a caring nature and likes to look after students. He also has good knowledge in underground ventilation and mechanics. He provides excellent feedback which helps students with understanding concepts and reasons. FYI, Ali was my teacher for ventilation.”

Nima Danesh

Ph.D. Student at The University of Queensland

“Ali is a dedicated and hardworking person who takes challenges to stay motivated to accomplish his goals in life. He pushes the boundaries, and nothing can cease him from what he wants to achieve. I highly recommend him for any positions linked to his field.”


Chunshan Zheng

Ph.D. Student at The University of Queensland

“I am very pleased to write a recommendation for Ali. He is motivated and diligent in his study. Always maintain a positive attitude to the research problem. Ali always came early and stay late working and very conscientious of timelines and resources. The most outstanding characteristic of what I have seen is his attitude towards continuous improvement. Good job, Ali.”


Ray Safaee

Project Engineer

“Ali is a highly commendable and extremely likable, well-presented individual. I had the pleasure of working closely with Ali for over four years and can say that the feedback I had for Ali was never short of excellent. I would recommend Ali as a top Engineer and someone who would be an asset to any business.”