Research Projects   

Development of a Maturity Scale for Mining Performance and Maintenance Analytics

Advanced Predictive Analytics

Discrete-Event Simulation of Payload Variance Effects on Truck Bunching

The Effects of Payload Variance on Haul Truck Energy Consumption, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Cost

Development of a Multi-layer Perceptron Artificial Neural Network to Determine Trucks Energy Consumption

Investigation of Effects of Coal Dust Contamination on Accuracy of Wet-Bulb Temperature Measurements

Energy Saving, Audit and Management (E.S.A.M) Software

Using geothermal energy in the area of "KHOOY" and "BOOSHLY."

Application of Solar Technology in the Public Buildings

Designing a System for Water and Energy Recycling in the Tile Factories

Engineering Activities Documents List (E.A.D.L)

Technologies of Extraction and Using Landfill Biogas from Urban Areas

Design and Development of Methods for Compensatory Reduction in Water Cooling Towers

Energy Consumption Audit and Management in Commercial Buildings

Energy Consumption Audit and Management in Educational Buildings

Predictive Modelling of Nickel Potential with the Integration of Multisource Information Based on Random Forest

Condition Based Maintenance in Mine Railway Transportation Systems Based on Big Data Analysis

Different Techniques for Predicting Mineral Product Prices

An Enhanced Wavelet–ARIMA Method for Predicting Metal Prices

Artificial Neural Networks as a Tool for Mineral Potential Mapping with GIS